Dream of: 18 February 2004 "Quote From The Bible"

I was in my law office, standing at a counter. Sitting at a desk on the other side was my secretary. We were discussing one of my cases. I had delivered a document to a judge and now someone had to call the judge's office in order to retrieve the document but I couldn't be the person who called someone else had to call.

Just then Louise walked into the room. Standing by the door beaming a wide smile, she seemed uncertain she should be there. Quite attractive, probably about 30 years old, she had kinky brown hair. I turned to her and asked if she could call the judge for me. She seemed surprised that I was addressing her, but she didn't say she wouldn't help me. I told her the document already had the seal on it. I was rather proud to be able to say I had already obtained the seal.

She commented that I seemed to be working more than my wont lately. I confirmed. I told her I was swamped with work since I had begun practicing law again. I hadn't intended to take on so much work, but now I couldn't seem to keep up.

Meanwhile, Carolina had also walked up to the counter. She was holding a thick telephone book opened to the yellow pages. She showed me some quotes from the Bible listed in the yellow pages like phone numbers. She found one quote particularly interesting. It said something about comporting with young girls with small hands.

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