Dream of: 17 February 2004 "Perfect Body"

I was sitting in a theater auditorium. A black-haired woman (probably about 30 years old) was sitting on my left. Leah (also about 30 years old) was sitting several seats farther down on my left. Leah had earlier told me she had finally decided she would like to go out with me. I hoped I would be able to link up with her at the end of the show. I was already thinking of making love with her; I could imagine our naked bodies pressing against each other. I would be lying on top of her. Her body was perfect, especially her lush blonde pubic region. She would tightly pull me close to her and wrap her legs around me.

I was uncertain about her husband. I knew she was still married but I didn't know whether she was still living with him. I worried she might change her mind about seeing me because of him. If that were to happen, I could still spend the evening with the black-haired woman. She was slim and attractive and she wanted to be with me, but I would much prefer to be with Leah who was so desirable.

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