Dream of: 08 February 2004 "Breach"

I was standing inside a room, looking outside through two glass sliding doors. A mighty river was flowing past outside, just a couple meters from the doors. Sitting just outside the doors, on the banks of the river, were two feeble elderly men. Someone standing beside me inside the room said the old men might be in danger of falling into the river. The danger was particularly acute because some large aquatic animals could be seen in the water. Someone said the animals might be giant turtles.

I slid open the doors and walked outside. I picked up one of the old man and carried him inside, then returned for the second man. He was sitting so close to the water, I was afraid he would slip in. He and I both stared out over the water; I pointed out the fins sticking up out in the water, and suggested that they might be shark fins. However, I soon heard a strange sound and soon saw water spouting up out of the river. Slowly I realized the animals were whales. Water spouts were shooting up in several spots obviously a whole herd of whales was in the water.

About 20 meters from shore some whales began leaping out of the water into the air. I watched in amazement. Twenty to twenty-five whales must have been in the water. The word "breach" came to mind. I thought this was the word which was used to describe a whale leaping out of water. The word wasn't one which I was accustomed to using, but I thought it was correct, and I told the old man the whales were "breaching."

The whales began singing their high-pitched songs to each other. The sound was enthralling, mesmerizing. I almost felt as if I might be able to understand what the whales were saying to each other. Maybe I could even communicate with them. I tried I began making as shrill a sound as I could, casting my warped song out over the waves to the whales as they also continued singing.

I was no longer concerned that the animals were dangerous nor that the old man was in danger. When I turned to go back inside the building, Frazier Crane (the character played by Kelsey Grammer in the television series "Frazier") was standing near me. Another fellow had walked up to Frazier (who looked in his mid 50s) and addressed Frazier as "Phil." I stepped up and addressed Frazier as "Bill" which I thought was his proper name. The other man walked away and left Frazier and me facing each other.

I reflected that I didn't know Frazier well and I rarely spoke with him, even though he lived in the same building as I.  I suggested to him that we should get together sometime and talk. He cordially responded that we could have supper. I responded that having supper wouldn't be necessary, that I only needed 2 minutes to talk with him. When he looked stunned, I laughed and told him I was just kidding, that I would like to have supper with him some day soon. 

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