Dream of: 28 January 2004 "Disinherited"

My wife Carolina and I were attending a banquet where many people, including my father, were present. As my father and I conversed, the subject of his will arose. I was upset because I had intuited that he had cut me out of his will. After we had exchanged heated words, he handed me a piece of paper with the figure $404,000 written on it and he said that was the amount that I was supposed to receive under his will. He then walked away and left me holding the paper.

I was impressed by the amount. Nevertheless, I wondered what would happen to the rest of his estate -- he was worth over 2 million dollars. How much were my sister and my step-mother going to receive? So even though I appreciated the amount being bequeathed to me, I wasn't altogether satisfied. As I pondered and continued to stare at the paper, I sensed my father moving around the room, and I knew he expected some sign of gratitude from me. However, I couldn't seem to bring myself to thank him.

Finally, he walked over to me, took the paper from my hand, and told me he had decided to completely cut me out of the will -- he wasn't going to give me anything. He spoke with an air of finality, as if nothing remained to be said. He indicated that he and I wouldn't see each other any more, and he turned to leave. I blurted out that this was what he had always wanted, and that he could now give all his property to my step-mother. He paid me no mind, and simply walked away.

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