Dream of: 26 January 2004 "Flooded Field"

It was early in the morning and I was sitting looking at the screen of a small portable computer. I was watching my stock portfolio when suddenly I noticed that Amazon had dipped from the mid-fifties to twenty. I knew I had 100 shares short of Amazon and I tired to put in an order to buy at twenty, but I couldn't seem to get the order in. Before I could react the stock jumped back up to the fifties and then started climbing into the sixties. I glumly watched the stock go all the way up to eighty, then decided I would try to sell another 100 shares short; but once again I had difficulty and was unable to put in my order.

Other people were in the room, which seemed like an office. A fellow sitting at a desk right next to me, with his back to me, turned around and inquired about what I was doing. I figured he probably wanted to know the price of a stock. We talked a little bit about trading stock and I told him I generally tried to buy stocks which had dipped down for some reason -- missed earnings, resignation of a corporate officer, or some other reason -- and had lost as much as twenty percent of its value in a day. He asked me how much I made in a year. I didn't want to say -- I knew I didn't make that much. I told him it was hard to say, that I might even lose money in a year. I told him I had already lost $700 this morning on Amazon.

I stood up and looked out the window. I was standing in the kitchen of the Gallia County Farmhouse. I was surprised to see that the entire bottom land at the foot of the hill behind the Farmhouse had flooded. I was also dismayed to see that the flood water was almost to the top of the doors of the milk house. I was especially concerned because I had recently plugged a drain near the milk house, and I worried that the plug had prevented the water from escaping.

I had stored quite a few belongings in the milk house -- file cabinets, magazines, 8-track tapes; everything would probably be ruined. Fortunately nothing of much value was there, but I still hated it being ruined.

A whirlpool had developed in the field at the bottom of the hill and the water was rapidly being sucked away -- except the water around the milk house, which remained at the same level. Soon the water had disappeared from the muddy field, leaving only the water around the milk house.

Other people were still in the room. I asked if anyone knew where the drain was which would let out the water around the milk house. A boy who lived in the Farmhouse volunteered to help. He was about ten years old and had crippled legs -- although he could still hobble around. Even though I was dressed in suit and tie and concerned about ruining my clothes, he and I left the Farmhouse and headed down the hill together toward the milk house.

We climbed up to the attic of the milk house and he soon found a wrench which he handed to me. He was quite helpful. I decided on the spot that if I ever lived in the Farmhouse, I would allow the boy to stay and live with me. 

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