Dream of: 25 January 2004 "Annuit Coepto"

I was wandering through the labyrinthine rooms and halls of an enormous building, probably on the fifth or sixth floor. I could not figure out exactly what kind of building this was -- it seemed ancient. The walls bore remnants of barely-distinguishable paintings. The architecture was monumental in style. One room had a rectangular hole in the floor covered with grating. I slid out onto the grating and looked down to the floor far below, which seemed covered with ancient tile. I thought maybe I should go down there.

Instead, I stood back up and roamed more, until I began to wonder if I were in a gigantic pyramid. As I visualized a pyramid in my mind, I also seemed to see a sun-cloaked eye floating over the pyramid. I recalled having seen a similar picture on the backs of dollar bills, and how I had always thought the picture bizarre. Now however, I understood clearly that this was the eye of God over the pyramid. I also thought of the words "Annuit Coepto" which were written with the picture. The words had never held much significance for me, but as I now repeated them over and over in my mind, they also made perfect satisfying sense, and even seemed in some way to apply to my own life.

Other people had also begun wandering through the building, and someone standing near a window pointed to the buildings of the nearby town, and drew everyone's attention to a funnel cloud bearing down on the town. General chaos ensued as people scrambled to leave the building before the funnel cloud hit. I stared out the window for a moment, and saw that not only one, but several funnel clouds of varying sizes had appeared as if from nowhere. I also decided to leave.

Unfortunately, I could not find my way out. I looked and looked but could not figure out how to leave this place. Windows appeared to be the only means of egress. I stepped up to one window and looked out. I was probably about five stories high, much too high to jump. However, directly in front of me, about three meters away, towered a red-brick wall which was simply standing there by itself, reaching all the way up to where I was. Some of the bricks of the wall jutted out from the wall. If I could jump over to the wall, I could probably climb down, holding onto the jutting bricks as I descended.

I stood in the window, leaped, and firmly grabbed onto the wall. Once I had secured my grasp, I began adroitly descending, grabbing one jutting brick after the other as I went down. The climb was dangerous, but I didn't feel afraid, and I soon reached the bottom.

When I stood up on terra firma, I again looked toward the buildings of the town -- a large funnel cloud had passed through the town and was almost upon me. I could already feel the wind. I looked around for a place to hide. Several other walls resembling the one I had just descended bedecked the landscape. Finally, I saw a red-brick building, perhaps 30 meters from me. Other people were also scrambling toward the building, some hardly able to move because the wind was already so strong.

I commenced my trek toward the building and almost immediately met with disappointment. The wind was so strong, I barely gained ground. Centimeter by centimer I pushed forward. Finally I dropped to my hands and knees and began crawling, and made better progress, but still so slow.

The tornado was almost upon me, but I was almost to the door of the building. The race would be close. I began to have visions of people being picked up by the ferocious wind, hurled into the side of one of the brick walls and smashed to death. I was determined that would not happened to me. I would reach the building -- but the tornado was now so close.

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