Dream of: 24 January 2004 "Transferring Lions"

Carolina and I were standing outside our white car parked on a grassy clearing surrounded by trees. A large furry animal had begun running around the car -- a bear! Light-brown, it looked young. When I playfully chased it, it jumped on a barbed wire fence and climbed over. Only now did I see near the car a second bear, larger and with darker fur. Sensing this must be the mother, I backed up as it approached me. I was afraid the mother would see me as a threat to the cub. I picked up a flat board and waived it up and down at the mother, until finally she ran to her cub and both began running away from us.

As Carolina and I watched the bears running off, we realized they were not bears, but sleek lions -- female lions without manes. I counted nine, then recounted -- eleven. When they were so far away we could hardly see them, a vehicle pulled up near them. I couldn't discern exactly what was happening, but someone from the vehicle seemed to be interacting with the lions.

After a short while, the vehicle started moving in our direction. When it reached us, I saw several small metal trailers were being pulled behind the vehicle and in each topless trailer were two or three of the lions. Obviously the people in the vehicle had captured all the lions.

Carolina and I followed the vehicle and soon found ourselves inside the house of the man and woman who had been in the vehicle. They were very pleasant people (probably in their 40s) and willing to talk with us about the lions. I asked the man if he had been armed when he had captured the lions. He said he hadn't been armed, but he had used some kind of device which helped him steer the lions.

He offered Carolina some food -- some blue-colored berries in a metal can. She took them with relish. Apparently she had once before been here and eaten the berries. When I looked in the can, however, I didn't see any berries, but only something white, with a couple pieces of round candy lying on top. I concluded the berries must be underneath.

I spoke again about the lions -- I asked the man where he was taking them. He said he intended to relocate them in Colorado. I was saddened to hear this because I would have liked for them to remain here since I lived in this area. He explained this area was becoming too populated -- people were encroaching more and more on wilderness area and the lions now presented a threat.

I understood what he was saying, and I could see the lions might be better off in an area devoid of humans. But I wished he could at least leave a breeding pair here and perhaps a young lion. Two or three lions might be able to live here in peace. I was saddened to see them all taken away.

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