Dream of: 11 January 2004 "Bail Bonds"

Wheat and I (both dressed in suits and ties) had arrived at an elegant hotel and were about to walk inside. I asked Wheat about the $20 which I had heard the doorman charged for entry at the hotel. Wheat said the money would be returned when we left - I was relieved to hear that. I pulled two $20 bills out of my billfold. In addition to paying the doorman, I would need another $20 to pay for a legal seminar which Wheat and I intended to take.

We walked in and each of us paid the $20 to the doorman. Then we walked over to a table to sign up for the seminar -- a woman was sitting across from us. She said the cost of the seminar was $149. I was immediately taken aback -- obviously there had been some mistake. I asked her the subject of the seminar and she pointed to a paper with either the word "bail" or "bonds" written on it. I was confused and I asked her if this was a seminar for corporate bonds dealing with subjects like the Securities and Exchange Commission. She said, no, this was about getting people out of jail who were charged with crimes. I asked, "Criminal law?" and she said yes.

Wheat had already sat down and was signing up. The seminar sounded interesting, but I didn't want to pay so much money. Besides, I only had $20. I hesitated, then asked Wheat if he would be able to lend me the money. He said he didn't have it. I realized then I would have to go to an ATM machine if wanted to attend the seminar.

I still wasn't sure. I could see lawyers already seated at tables in the adjoining seminar room. I had never thought much about bail bonds, but now the idea suddenly appealed to me. Maybe I could make some good money in the bail bond business. The seminar would last for several days and I would surely learn a lot. Judges would probably be speaking and talking about the intricacies of bail bonds. Attending the seminar seemed like a good idea. I only needed to find an ATM machine and withdraw the money.

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