Dream of: 10 January 2004 "Suspicious Death"

Someone was telling me Birdie had died. Stunned, I was told that Birdie had gone to live in one of the former republics of Russia and that she had died there. I asked why Birdie had been living so far away, and I was told that Birdie's mother had a sister who lived over there and that Birdie had stayed with the sister.

The story of Birdie's death troubled me I felt as if she might have met with foul play. Her death should probably be investigated but what could I do? I certainly couldn't travel to Europe to learn the truth of Birdie's death.

What would happen now to Brandi, who was only about three years old? Maybe I should inquire about her. But then I realized Birdie's husband Rick would still claim his parental rights to Brandi. It was probably best if I didn't try to pry into Brandi's life, either.

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