Dream of: 09 January 2004 "Missing Connections"

With my father and my mother (both in their early 40s) I was attending a lavish meal for lawyers and their families. We had arrived at the fancy hotel hosting the event and were descending the stairs which led to the banquet room. I was aware of how much my father seemed to be relishing being there. Both my father and mother seemed proud to be there with me. They would no doubt also enjoy the rich meal and drinks which went with it, especially my father.

I was trying to comport myself in an acceptable manner. For example, instead of gliding down the stairs as I was sometimes wont to do, I carefully stepped on each step as I descended.

I also felt more comfortable there because I had stopped posting my dreams on my web site. Since I had undoubtedly dreamed of many of the lawyers there, I would have felt uncomfortable knowing some might have read my dreams about them. Now I was able to meet them on a more level playing field.

Bob Morris (a former classmate  from high school) was standing at the bottom of the stairs. He was an example of what I had been thinking. I had had several dreams of Bob Morris, and I felt more comfortable knowing he hadn't read those dreams now that we were seeing each other face to face. He didn't say anything to me as I passed him. He had cut the long scruffy hair he had sported the last time I had seen him and he now looked more or less presentable.

After we entered the dining room, my father and mother took their seats. I, however, saw someone whom I recognized: McSwain -- and I walked toward him. McSwain's wife was with him. She was much younger than he (he was probably in his mid 60s while she only looked about 40 years old).

I began talking with her instead of with McSwain (he disappeared into the crowd). She soon handed me a paper which she said contained a dream which McSwain had had, and she asked me if I could tell her what it meant.

I took the paper in my hand. It seemed perfectly natural she would ask me to look at the dream -- many people were aware of my aptitude with dreams. Recently I had even begun to feel more comfortable with deciphering dreams and I had begun to appreciate a certain ability which I possessed in this area.

So I looked at the dream. It was little more than scribbles of several different scenes. I immediately saw the problem: no connections between the scenes. The most prominent scene was about a small rowboat floating in water. However, I couldn't connect the rowboat with anything else which was written. At the end, McSwain had jotted down some letters (mostly "p's" in several lines) as if notations for a poem or a song. Again, I couldn't connect the lines to the boat, although I suspected the lines might be delectable if I could understand them.

I explained my difficulty to the woman. She seemed to understand. She seemed to think perhaps McSwain could supply the missing connections.

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