Dream of: 08 January 2004 "Uninvited Guests"

My wife Carolina and I had spent a couple days in the home of my old college professor, Rembert Glass. Rembert hadn't been here during our visit; in fact he didn't even know we were here. He and his family had left the house vacant and Carolina and I had obtained entry without even asking permission.

Now, on our third day here, I suddenly realized how messy we had made the house we ought to clean up. Today was Sunday and Rembert might possibly return today. Clothes were scattered all over the living room, the bedroom was a mess, and dirty plates were in the kitchen. We needed to clean up and get out of here before Rembert returned.

Carolina and I set to work cleaning. I walked outside in the front and took a look brown leaves bedecked the yard. Maybe I should look for a leaf blower and blow the leaves out into the street. I might even need to cut the grass. Carolina was standing in the door watching me. I told her that some people didn't mow their grass and Rembert might be one of those. I knelt down in the grass and examined the blades of glass to see if they had ever been cut they had. I decided I might mow the grass later but first I needed to clean up inside.

I walked back inside and began sweeping out the living room. In the process, I discovered some cotton crammed into the floor around the baseboard, as if to keep out cold air. I was careful not to pull it out. I next began dusting around some family pictures sitting on a long glass table. Judging from the pictures, I thought Rembert might have two sons. Abruptly, however, as I pondered the pictures, I had a dramatic recollection: Rembert was dead. I now remembered he had died many years ago.

Now I felt even worse. If Rembert were dead, we must be in the home of his wife. I was unsure I had ever even met her I seemed to recall having met her once, but I couldn't be sure. I couldn't remember her name. I thought her name might be "Beth," but I was also unsure of that. I also seemed to recall Rembert had had a daughter perhaps the daughter's name was Beth.

Carolina and I pressed on with our cleaning, now more driven than before. We cleaned and cleaned, and finally, tired, we lay down on a bed in the living room and fell asleep.

I awoke with a start when I heard someone open the living room door. I looked toward the door a black-haired woman in a heavy coat was standing there. She was attractive, probably in her late 30s. She looked in at me and asked, "Steve?"

Embarrassed, I stared at her. I recognized her: Rembert's wife. I still couldn't remember her name, but obviously she knew mine. She didn't seem surprised or offended to see Carolina and me here. She even seemed friendly. She walked into the living room and closed the door behind her. I wanted to stand up out of the bed, but I was completely nude. She made a few friendly comments as she passed through the living room into the kitchen. It sounded as if she were going to fix us something to eat. As soon as she was in the kitchen, I stood up and began dressing. I was relieved she wasn't angry about our intrusion, but I thought Carolina and I should probably leave as soon as possible.

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