Dream of: 06 January 2004 "Nothing To Fear"

I was sitting in the back seat of a red car which my father was driving from Patriot to the Gallia County Farm. My mother was also sitting in the front seat.

Abruptly I recalled I was supposed to go to Columbus that day, pick up Donn Griffiths at the airport, and bring her to the Farm. She would be flying in at 1:00 p.m. She was supposed to call me in Patriot with the details, but now (since I was going to the Farm) I wouldn't be in Patriot. I didn't think I had Donna's number, but I thought I might have it on my computer. I really didn't want to go to Columbus and I wished there was some way out of this mess. Maybe I could call Donna at the airport and tell her to take a bus. It might be a little complicated for her, but she could take a bus to Gallipolis and I could pick her up there. I hadn't told my parents yet about Donna's arrival. I was also expecting Altizer to visit me today. Maybe Donna and Altizer would like each other -- they seemed as if they might be suited for each other.

In my hand I was holding a small brown worm and a big gray worm. I put the two worms together, and the big worm reacted violently, writhing as if a toxic substance were touching it. I threw the worms out the window. I tried to throw them on the grass because I didn't want to hurt them.

I still had another worm left in my hand. It was about 2 centimeters wide and about 4 centimeters long. I looked more closely at the worm and noticed a display of images on its side, like cartoon images. Characters from the comic strip "Peanuts" as well as from the television series "The Simpsons" were displayed. Bart Simpson was shown comically writing the word "far(t)." Several other images were also visible. I couldn't figure out how these images could be on the worm. Surely a human being must have had a hand in putting the images there. I leaned over the front seat to show the worm to my father.

We reached the intersection of Wolf Run and Nebo road, and discovered that a little village now stood around this country intersection. We pulled up to the intersection and saw a parade (mostly of children) in progress, and we had to stop as the children paraded through the street. People were standing all around. Suddenly, another car pulled up to the intersection on the other side, facing us, then plowed right into the children. I watched in horror as the car bumped over the children. The car must have run over five or six children (probably only 4-5 years old).

As the car passed us and moved on, I looked through the rear view window at the license plate. I only got the last two numbers, "53"; it looked as if there were five numbers in all. We all jumped out of our car. People were running around screaming and trying to help the children; several of whom looked dead.

I screamed at my father that we must follow the car, but he didn't want to; he seemed afraid. I told him I would go alone and I jumped into our car, turned it around, and headed down the road. I was also a bit afraid, worried what would happen if I actually caught the car. I was beginning to think I might be dreaming. If so, I had nothing to fear because it didn't really matter what happened -- even if the people in the car hurt me in my dream, I wouldn't really be hurt.

I kept driving until I reached a small village. Just as I was about to enter the village, I saw the car up ahead. I could barely see the license plate. It looked as if the first number was "8." The car appeared to be an old green Nova. The car disappeared from sight and when I saw it again, it had pulled over and no one was in it.

It seemed as if a companion was now with me. We returned to the village where the children had been run over. There was much commotion as people thronged about. It looked as if the police had already nabbed three fellows who had been in the car which had run over the children.

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