Dream of: 05 January 2004 "Thieves"

I was in a dark room listening to a situation comedy on a radio. Since seven or eight college-aged people (including several women) were asleep in the room, I was concerned the radio might be disturbing them. I went to the bathroom to urinate, and when I returned to the room, the others were still asleep, but now the light was turned on and several rough-looking fellows were carrying stuff out of the room. One fellow (probably in his early 20s) told me to help him carry a table with some stereo equipment sitting on it. I realized they were thieves and when I refused to help them, it looked as if they were going to try to force me. Instead, they walked out of the room and when the last fellow exited, one of the sleeping women jumped up and locked the door. 

I thought the rest of the people in the room should all band together and if the thieves returned and tried to break down the door, together we might be able to resist them. One thin black fellow was in the room, and I was a bit suspicious of him. I said to him, "You're with us, Rodney, right?"

He indicated he was with us, but I was still uncertain -- maybe he was on the other side. I didn't know quite what to do. I thought maybe we could find a way to climb up into the attic and hide.

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