Dream of: 04 January 2004 "Heat"

I was in a fancy restaurant, looking for a place to sit. I felt intoxicated, apparently I had been drinking alcohol heavily. Since all tables were taken, I finally plopped down in a booth with a stranger sitting across from me. I tried to speak with the person at my table, and even to people at other tables, but my behavior wasn't appreciated. I was surprised because I had recently been in a restaurant where everyone had been talking to each other. Everyone in this place (which seemed full of French people), however, seemed quiet and stodgy and wanted to be left alone. No one was in any mood for my rambunctiousness. Finally the manager walked over and asked me to leave. Again I was surprised, but I complied and walked outside.

I was immediately joined by Carolina, with whom I began talking. Another man was also leaving, and he seemed as if he wanted to join us. I looked at him and recognized him as an actor I had seen in movies. I told Carolina we had seen him in a movie, but I couldn't remember the name of the movie. I told her it was the bank-holdup movie with Robert DeNiro. (The movie was Heat and the actor was Tom Sizemore). The actor walked along with us but he didn't say anything. As Carolina and I walked along the sidewalk and entered a park-like area, I began to worry about the man's intentions. Then suddenly, I realized Carolina (who now seemed somewhat like Louise) had disappeared.

The actor had also disappeared. Now a car was cruising along the street close to me. I sensed that the car was filled with Japanese men. I also sensed that some Japanese men were lurking in the shadows. I hollered for Carolina -- she didn't answer. I hollered again -- no answer. My heart sank -- obviously Carolina had been abducted. I let out a piercing scream, like a woman might make. I hoped someone would hear and call the police. I continued screaming.

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