Dream of: 01 January 2004 "Where Dreams Come From"

I was driving a car in which a man and woman (probably in their early 40s) were riding in the back seat. We were in the country, the weather was fine, and I was in an exuberant mood. I was talking about dreams, trying to explain to them where I thought dreams came from.

I told them I still didn't know where dreams came from, or whether they had any meanings. I had, however, reached one conclusion about dreams: I myself didn't create the dreams. Since I didn't create the dreams, something else must be responsible for creating the dreams. Now I was trying to figure out exactly what or who created the dreams.

I pulled the car to a stop. While I had been driving, I had been holding a cup which contained some brown liquid and I had spilt some of the liquid on my left pants legs. I stepped out of the car, walked around to the trunk and opened it. I began looking for something to wipe off the liquid.

All the while, I continued talking about my theory of dreams. Even though I knew my two companions were probably tired of hearing me talk about dreams, I thought I needed to concentrate on the subject if I were ever going to figure out where dreams came from.

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