Dream of: 31 December 2003 "Bandages"

As I was sitting in the Gay Street House, I looked out the window onto Gay Street and was surprised to see how congested with traffic the street was. The cars were pressed together so closely, it looked as if they were actually scuffing each other. The problem seemed to be that one car after another had turned south on Gay Street (which is a one-way street north). Finally, one car turned the wrong way onto the street and actually bumped into and scratched a blue car parked on the other side of the street. The woman sitting in the blue car didn't seem to notice. I walked out onto the front porch and hollered to the woman; but she didn't pay any attention to me.

Now that I was outside, I noticed that the car I had been driving (my mother's white Escort) which I had parked right in front of the Gay Street House, might also have been bumped. The rear fender looked as if it were slightly bent. I hoped not my mother would be very upset.

I walked over to the car. Now I saw part of the problem: I had parked the car crooked so the rear was about a half meter from the curb. Could my car be part of the problem with the traffic? Had people had difficulty getting around my car?

Looking closer, I saw something which looked like a piece of paper hanging on the fender where the car appeared to have been hit. I immediately thought the paper was a ticket maybe I would even be held responsible for damage to any other cars which might have scratched each other.

I pulled the paper off the fender, then boarded the car and re-parked it correctly. With the paper still in hand, I walked east on Eighth Street to the next corner, turned left and walked a couple blocks north. Here I was surprised to find a small park which I had never noticed. I entered the park and walked around the little oblong sidewalk.

I wasn't happy with the state of my life. Maybe it was time for some changes. I was seriously thinking of practicing law again. However, if I did so, I would prefer to practice here in Ohio. But in order to practice here, I would have to apply to the Ohio bar to be admitted. Maybe now was the time to finally make that application.

I was still carrying the paper in my hand. Now I noticed that attached to the paper was a small plastic bag which contained something. I looked at the paper and saw that it wasn't a ticket at all it looked more like a sales receipt for the contents of the plastic bag. I examined the bag, opened it, and found a box of bandages inside. Why had I been left a box of bandages?

As I held the box, a woman (also strolling in the park) had stepped up near me. She didn't say anything, but she appeared to want some company, so I causally began telling her about how I had received the plastic bag with the bandages. Since she seemed interested, I handed her the package, and she sat down on a bench in front of me to look at it.

She was probably about 40 years old and above average in appearance. I figured she was a local woman, not overly intelligent. She was wearing a white sweater. Her breasts were small and sparkless.  And on top of everything, she had a small boy with her (probably 5-6 years old) running around the park. Overall, therefore, she had little to commend her.

Nevertheless, I relished her presence. Just having someone to talk with, someone who seemed interested in me, was refreshing. I even began to wonder what it would be like to sit next to her, perhaps to put my arms around her. Of course I was till married to Carolina. But Carolina wasn't here now, and I just wanted to be close to someone.

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