Dream of: 29 December 2003 "Joining The Battle"

I was riding in a car, trying to reach Dykes (a female Portsmouth acquaintance from my late teens) on a cell phone. I dialed her number, and Dykes' mother answered the phone. Her mother said Dykes wasn't there, but that she (the mother) would give Dykes the message.

I hung up and almost immediately the phone rang. I answered and Dykes was on the line. She immediately told me that people were looking for me because I was supposed to play in a sports event today and I hadn't showed up. I told her that I knew what she was talking about, but that I had called her for another reason. I spoke with her for a few moments, then hung up.

I did know what she was talking about: I was the star player on a team which was going to be playing a game today on a long field, even longer than a football field. But I had decided not to go.


Another fellow (who somewhat resembled Jon) and I had shown up at the field where the game was supposed to take place. Now it seemed more as if I had not voluntarily resigned from the game, but as if the other fellow and I had been banned because of allegations that he and I had been involved with two 14 year old girls. The allegations were completely untrue and unfounded I didn't even know two 14 year old girls.

I was dressed like a Roman soldier and was carrying a square wooden shield, about a meter wide and high. As soon as we arrived, we could see our team atop a nearby hill. The game looked more like a battle than a game. Our team was arranged in squares, like Roman legions, preparing to attack the enemy.

I mingled with a crowd of spectators at the bottom of the hill. They seemed like a religious group, and I wondered if any would object to my presence. Their objections wouldn't stop my joining the coming battle on the hill; but I would have preferred if they would accept me.

Finally, a man (about 60 years old) took note of my presence. He stood up and in a short statement he indicated that he was aware of my stigma, but that nevertheless my presence was welcome. He seemed to indicate that hope for my redemption still existed. I was happy to hear his acceptance; but I was more concerned about joining my comrades in battle.

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