Dream of: 28 December 2003 "Horses In Danger"

Another fellow and I were looking up toward the top of a high hill. Several brown horses were running frenetically around the top of the hill, scattering in all directions and sometimes leaping high into the air over brush and shrubs. I told the other fellow that something must be chasing the horses, perhaps lions.

Finally, we were able to see that a beige-colored animal had grabbed the hind legs of one of the horses and was holding on as the horse continued trying to escape, running faster than ever. I still couldn't tell if the animal was a lion. I told the fellow that if lions were chasing the horses, then the lions would probably kill the horses. However, if dogs were chasing the animals, the horses would probably escape.

More of the beige-colored pursuers became visible, chasing the horses back and forth. The horses would kick backwards as they ran. I knew if the hooves connected with an animal's head, the blow could be deadly. But the pursuers didn't give up, and I began to worry that one of the horses might simply jump off a high cliff to escape and plunge to its death.

One horse began running off the hill in our direction. I strained and finally could see that it was being pursued by four long-haired collies. So the animals chasing the horses were indeed dogs. It looked as if the horses would probably be able to escape, but it was still possible that the collies would catch them.

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