Dream of: 27 December 2003 "Locked Door Opened"

As I was walking east along Kinney's Lane in Portsmouth, Ohio, I was thinking I should make application to be admitted to the bar in Ohio. The application was extensive and would take a while to fill out; but it wasn't much unlike other legal documents which I was accustomed to preparing as a lawyer. For example, gathering information and preparing documents in divorce cases required detail to tedious minutiae, just like in the application.

The application required some references. I thought of judge McGuire I could ask him to send in a letter of reference, especially since he lived in Gallipolis, the city where I would probably practice law. Maybe I could file my application without his letter of recommendation, and he could send it in later.

Up ahead of me on the left side of the street was McKinley Junior High. Children were just leaving the school. Suddenly an accident occurred in the street right in front of me. It looked as if two boys had been hit by a girl riding a bicycle. The boys were lying on the street, and a pile of something fluffy, like the stuffing's of a pillow, was lying next to them.

One boy quickly recovered and stood up. The other boy, however, continued to lie unmoving. He had blond hair, and looked as if he might be 9-10 years old. I walked toward him, contemplating how I might help. I didn't know exactly how to give mouth to mouth resuscitation. Perhaps I could roll him over on his back and simply press his chest with my hands. But could that be dangerous?

Fortunately, just as I stepped up, the boy opened his eyes. He looked dazed, but seemed uninjured. As he stood up, I removed myself from the crowd of students which had gathered.

Just as I picked up my walk again, my mother pulled up beside me in a black car; my father was sitting alone in the back seat (they both looked about 40 years old). I tried to open the front door, but it was locked. Finally my mother unlocked the door, I slid into the front passenger seat, and she continued driving down the street.

My father was in the process of telling my mother a story. He told my mother how on the previous day, he and I had been looking at some houses and buildings which were for sale in Portsmouth. One building had previously been a law office. We had gone into that building, which was still being used for a business, apparently a bank. As he and I had been looking around, a woman (about 30 years old) had entered the building to deposit a check. She knew my father and they had talked. In the course of their conversation, she mentioned that she and her husband had made "650" the previous year.

I recalled how I had been left uncertain as to what the "650" meant. Had the woman meant that she and her husband had earned $650,000 the previous year? I had even been thinking of this very subject just shortly before I had seen the accident in front of the school. Thus it now seemed extraordinary that my father was telling my mother about it.

My father told my mother that the man and the woman were involved in a business which dealt with horses. He then said that indeed the man and woman had earned $650,000 the previous year.

Such a sum of money was difficult for me to imagine for one year's work, especially in the horse business. Perhaps indeed the time had arrived when I needed to go to work and start earning some money again.

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