Dream of: 23 December 2003 "Hidden Microphone"

Carolina and I were staying in a large well-furnished hotel room. I was lying on my back in the bed and Carolina was getting ready to join me in the bed so we could make love. As soon as she lay down next to me, however, we began arguing, and she quickly stood back up. Becoming angry, I also stood up, and we continued arguing.

Meanwhile, a black-haired man (probably in his mid 30s) had opened the door and stepped into the room, just inside the door. He looked oriental. He looked as if he were concerned about Carolina (who in many ways now resembled Louise), and that he might even be here to protect her. I stormed up to him and demanded to know if he had been dating Carolina. He wouldn't say, but his demeanor told me he had. I demanded that he leave the room, but he wouldn't budge. Instinctively, I knew he was well versed in martial arts and that if I attacked him, he could easily overcome me.

Nevertheless, I was determined he wouldn't stay in the room, and a tussle ensued. I quickly realized the man was stronger than I, and he might even seriously hurt me. I backed up to the telephone, picked it up, and when I heard a voice, I screamed out that someone should send the security to our room, and then I blurted out the room number.

Before anyone could arrive, the oriental man backed out into the hall and I followed him. He stepped over by a banister where a thin anemic woman was waiting for him. I stepped up close to them. Clearly they were a pair. Since he already had a woman, I quickly deduced that he had been tricking Carolina, that he had some ulterior motive for being with her, and that he didn't care at all for her.

As I glared at him, I noticed him look back into my hotel room toward one of the curtains, and almost as if I were watching a scene from a movie, my gaze also fixed on the curtain, and I immediately realized a tiny microphone had been hidden in the curtain by the man. He had obviously made an audio recording of the entire time when he had been in the room.

I turned around, walked back into the room and shut the door behind me. I was sad to see that Carolina was no longer here; she and all her things had been taken out.

I walked over to the curtain and retrieved the tiny round microphone (about the size of a watch battery). This was exactly what I wanted. I now remembered the main reason I had come to this place: to try to obtain some evidence against the oriental man. I had originally planned to make a hidden video recording of him. But this audio recording would do just as well. I would have ample evidence now to use against the man.

Now I only needed to find Carolina and reconcile with her. Where could she be? I recalled that we had sometimes met on a certain corner of a downtown street of this town (which increasingly seemed like Boulder, Colorado). If she were looking for me, maybe she would look on that corner. I would go there and wait for her.

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