Dream of: 18 December 2003 "Cleaning Up"

Since my mother had become afflicted with Alzheimer's, I had been staying with her every other month; on the months when I wasn't with her, she would stay with my sister. Today I had come to her home to begin my month.

The grass in the yard had grown quite high since the last time I had been there, so I pulled out the lawnmower and began cutting it. In one part of the yard, the weeds were over my head, like little trees. Fortunately the stalks were easy to knock down and cut.

As I proceeded, my mother came outside, and when I made a comment about the grass being uncut, she flew into a rage and said she was leaving. In an irrational flash she packed her belongings and moved out. I wasn't even certain where she had gone, but I was very concerned about her.

Meanwhile my father had showed up and offered his assistance in cleaning up the back yard, parts of which were piled with trash. A trash man also showed up and offered to haul off some of the trash. Since my father only offered to pay him $10 for his work, the trash man became insulted by such a low amount and huffed off. So I began piling up some of the trash in the alley.

As I worked, I looked back toward the house (a white frame cottage) and saw my sister standing in the back door. Surprisingly, she was completely naked, having apparently just stepped from the shower. I could clearly see the entire front of her body. I was also surprised when my brother-in-law James stepped up to the door and she invited him in. I hadn't known my sister and James were still seeing each other.

I decided I needed to talk with my sister about my mother. I walked up to the house, entered, and found my sister. She was now completely dressed. I told her how difficult it was for me to be spending so much time with my mother, and my sister said it was difficult for her too. But I pointed out that it was harder for me, because I had to leave my home and come all the way there, whereas my sister was able to stay in her home and have my mother come to her. My sister's life wasn't nearly as interrupted as mine. My sister listened, but I could tell that she wasn't particularly concerned with my problems. 

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