Dream of: 16 December 2003 "Plague"

A devastating plague had struck. Thousands of people were dying and many who had been infected had been forced into a mammoth cave where they lay strewn over the ground. I had gone to visit the cave with the Catholic Pope and several of his high-ranking religious officials. We walked through the cave, past the bodies, dead and dying. The cave contained enough light to see well; most people were dressed in white.

We walked all the way to end of the cave, where we found some refrigerators, apparently containing food for the sick. When I looked in one of the refrigerators, however, I only saw some small packets of margarine or butter. I decided to take some of the packets and checked to see whether they were margarine or butter they were butter. I thought I would distribute them to some of the people in the cave. I crammed them in my pocket and we headed back toward the front.

When we reached the front of the cave, hundreds of people were standing in line. An announcement had been made that a vaccine was available for the disease. The vaccine only worked on some people. At present 19 out of 20 people were contracting the disease and dying. With the vaccine only 9 out of 10 people would die. Obviously the vaccine wasn't a cure, but it would help.

With the Pope and his entourage I made my way toward the exit.

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