Dream of: 15 December 2003 "Pathetic Sight"

As my father and I were standing on the side of an isolated country road, surrounded by forest, an animal walked along the other side of the road not far from us. At first the animal was difficult to identify, but I finally concluded it was a lost fawn. My father, who was carrying a rifle, raised his weapon and pointed it in the direction of the fawn. Shocked, I sputtered that he shouldn't shoot the animal. Then he showed me that he wasn't pointing at the fawn, but that he was pointing in the air, intending to simply scare the animal away.

Before he could fire, however, we saw the fawn headed toward several large brown deer hidden among the trees. I told my father not to shoot because I wanted to see the deer, especially since I noticed some other animals sheep and dogs mixed in with the deer. I was fascinated that different kinds of animals would be mingling like that.

Suddenly, without warning, several shoots rang out. I looked in the direction of the shoots and now saw eight or nine men hidden in the bushes, firing at the unsuspecting animals. I was aghast. I ran toward the men and hollered, "Stay!"

The firing stopped. The men, dressed in brown hunting fatigues were all laughing and joking, happy with what they had done. I was furious. I looked back at the animals. Two were lying on the ground while the rest were racing away through the trees.

The shooting had stopped. I walked toward the two fallen animals. They were both the same kind of animals, with deep reddish fur. At first I though they were dogs, but the closer I came to them, the more they looked like wolves. They were lying on their side; one wasn't moving while the other was crying and rolling back and forth. The one which wasn't moving was covered with blood, while the other only had one patch of blood on its shoulder.

I stepped closer. The sight was extremely pathetic. I hated the hunters. These beautiful animals had been pointlessly destroyed. I stepped as close as I could. The wounded one stared at me. I wanted to help it but I knew I couldn't approach any closer. It was such a sad sight; but there was probably nothing I could do now to help.

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