Dream of: 13 December 2003 "Becoming Superman"

Leland (a Dallas attorney a few years older than I) and I were working in the same office and we were even sharing the same desk. His chair was about a meter away from mine on my left. A computer monitor was sitting in his workspace and I noticed a copy of today's newspaper under the monitor. Seeing the newspaper there irritated me somewhat because I had subscribed to the newspaper and Leland was continually taking the paper before I had a chance to read it. I was also a bit dissatisfied with working around Leland because I seemed to recall that he had once been accused of some sexual impropriety with a teenage girl. Were we alike in that regard two old perverts? I didn't like the idea.

I stood up and walked outside. Our offices were in a rather dilapidated old house, a cottage with old-fashioned shale siding. I walked around to the side of the house where small trees were growing. The leaves had already fallen from the trees. I had trimmed the trees the previous year, but the branches had grown back and were now once again rubbing against the house. The new branches weren't hard wood, but more like thick weedy stalks. I thought I should be able to easily pull off the new branches.

In order to reach the branches at the top of the trees, I floated up in the air, and bent off some branches at the top of the trees.

Once I had finished breaking off the branches, I decided to remain floating for a while. I stretched out on my back while I floated in the air. However, as I would exhale air, I would gradually sink toward the ground. Several times I had to take deep breaths in order to rise back into the air.

Soon I had enough of floating - I wanted more action. I turned over on my stomach and looked at the stretch of empty road in front of the house. Fog shrouded the road so I couldn't see far. Nevertheless, I began flying on my stomach - imagining myself as Superman - as fast as I could down the road. I flew for 20-30 meters, turned around and flew back. I was ready to fly again, but I stopped for a moment. I really couldn't see well due to the fog. What if I ran into a car? I had barely seen the headlights of one car in the fog on the other side of the road. But what if a car were on my side of the road? If I flew down the road again, I would have to be careful and fly high enough so I wouldn't hit anything.

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