Dream of: 09 December 2003 "Forgotten Names"

I walked through the front door of my father's Gay Street House in Portsmouth, then ascended the front stairs to the front upstairs bedroom. Although I wanted to lie down and rest, I first walked into the upstairs living room to see if my father was there. He wasn't in the living room. Since the two large French doors to the middle bedroom were closed, I pulled open the doors and looked into the bedroom. The figures of two people under a white sheet were discernable on a bed in the room. Certain my father and a girlfriend were in the bed, I turned and headed back to the front bedroom.

I had just lain down on the couch when two little boys walked into the room. Perturbed, I stood and walked out into the hall where I discovered some more boys. Apparently they were simply walking in off the street. I thought they might know my father, but I was uncertain. I simply wanted them to leave and I made my desires known to them. Two of the boys were bigger than the others (they might have been 14-15 years old). They took offense to my demanding their departure and wanted to fight. Although I certainly didn't want to fight with them, I thought I could probably handle myself if I had to they were much shorter than I.

We worked our way back into the middle living room. I intended to point out the boys to my father and seek his advice on the matter. Before I could find my father, however, the boys departed and several new boys showed up. The new boys looked as if they were 16-17 years old. I didn't recognize them at first, but finally realized that two of them were my step-cousins, sons of my step-uncle Ivan. I was embarrassed because I couldn't remember their names. I asked one if he were Ernie, but then I remembered Ernie had been Ivan's son who had drowned years ago. They were very friendly and they asked me if I wanted to go for a ride with them. After I decided I would, we all walked outside and boarded a big bus which one of the boys began driving.

As we headed north out of Portsmouth, I was enjoying myself, except for being a bit worried that we were traveling too fast, especially when we turned onto a small gravel road. I became frightened when we headed down a tiny narrow road on the edge of a cliff on our right. I could see a lake down below. The driver was having difficulty and I was afraid we were going to crash off the edge. If we landed in the lake, I thought I would probably drown.

Suddenly, however, the bus reached the bottom of the road. Unfortunately we had arrived at a dead end and didn't have room to turn the bus around. I could see no way we could back up the hill. After the bus stopped, I got out. In front of us was yet another hill with a dirt path which I examined to see if we might be able to drive the bus up it. The path was clearly impassible.

Off to the right was the lake. I could see several people not far from me on the shore of the lake. We were in such a secluded place, I thought the people must have hiked there. When I heard people talking nearby, I hid behind some bushes to watch. I stayed hidden as four women riding horses rode past me and continued up the road.

After the women had passed, I noticed a small house and I walked inside. Once inside the house, I realized my old college friend Ramey lived there. Since Ramey wasn't home, I looked around the house and even went through some of Ramey's things. I was in the bedroom when I heard Ramey coming in. I threw some clothes under the bed just as he walked in. He looked about 20 years old and he seemed happy to see me. Almost immediately however he noticed a picture was missing from the wall. One picture (which looked like a paint-by-number picture) was still on the wall, but another picture which was its mate was missing. I thought I might have knocked down the picture. When Ramey bent down on his knees to look under the bed for the picture, I also looked under the bed. When Ramey saw the clothes which I had thrown under the bed, he asked how they had gotten there, but he didn't say anything else.

Ramey and I stood back up and walked outside. I was wondering how we were going to get the bus back up the hill. I thought perhaps we could get a rope and pulley and pull it up. When Ramey seemed as if he would be willing to help, we boarded his car and drove back up the hill. I figured we would go and fetch the materials we needed to pull the bus back up the hill.

As Ramey headed toward Portsmouth, a woman in the car suddenly handed me her cell phone and told me I had a call. I took the phone and listened as a woman's voice came on. I immediately recognized the woman as Mireya (an Hispanic friend from Dallas); I was happy to hear her voice. I began talking to her in Spanish and telling her where I had been. I described the lake and told her that caves had been along the edge of the lake. I told her the place was "maravilloso."

She began telling me why she was calling. One time I had left some "buckskin" jackets with her and she wanted to know if I still wanted them. Vaguely remembering the jackets, I told her yes, I would like to have them.

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