Dream of: 07 December 2003 "Illusory Contract"

It was morning and I had just gotten up from bed. I walked into the spacious middle room of the apartment where I was living with my father. The room seemed to serve as a law office which my father and I had only recently opened. He was in the room. Only about 35 years old, he had dark black hair and was in fine physical shape.

He seemed to be hesitating about something, then finally he indicated he wanted to go to some kind of legal conference being held in another building nearby. We seemed to be in a high rise apartment building in a downtown metropolis. He asked me how long I would need to get ready. I told him I would need 15 minutes. He told me to get ready.

I headed for the bathroom. I would still need to take a bath and shave, although fortunately I had just shaved yesterday, so shaving would be easy. I also could wear the same suit I had worn yesterday, so I wouldn't have much trouble getting ready.

I proceeded apace and in almost no time I was ready and seated back at my desk, waiting for my father. I looked at the bright green sports jacket I was wearing. It was a bit flashy, but I wanted my own style. I didn't have to dress like everyone else. I was older now and I could wear what I wanted. I now looked like older maverick lawyers whom I used to notice when I had been younger.

I reflected about the new law office which my father and I had started. We were still trying to decide what kind of law to practice. I was considering concentrating on contract law. Of course I realized I was no longer familiar with all the nuances of contract laws. There were so many terms; things like "illusory contracts" for example. What exactly was an illusory contract? I couldn't quite remember, but I was sure that with a little time I could refresh my memory on all the necessary minutiae.

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