Dream of: 05 December 2003 "Pearl Islands"

I was standing outside my house, talking with my Dallas friend Eloise LaGrone. She was passing through this area and had just stopped by to see me. She was traveling around from place to place and seemed to be enjoying life. I wished so much I could travel with her. It seemed as if she were preparing to travel to Mexico. If I could only accompany her. But why not? What was holding me here? I could simply pack a few things and take off.

Someone else was also visiting me: Donna Griffiths. Donna was inside the house waiting for me to come back inside. I recalled that Eloise had met Donna once before, that the three of us had gone on a trip together. Unfortunately the two of them hadn't gotten along well together, mainly because Donna had been somewhat of a whiner and a complainer. I knew Donna also wanted me to now go traveling with her; but I also knew Eloise wouldn't want to be around Donna, and when I mentioned to Eloise that Donna was in the house and might want to also go traveling with us, Eloise was very clear that she didn't want Donna to go.

As we continued talking, I was no longer talking with Eloise but with Salvador Ibarra. He seemed just as happy and exuberant as Eloise had been. He also was preparing for his trip south of the border and I continued my reverie about joining him. Several other Hispanic fellows were with him and as I talked about our possibly traveling together, I mentioned several countries. One fellow asked me to repeat the names of several of the countries, as if he didn't know where they were. Now I envisioned a new destination. I told Salvador I had recently been watching a television show titled "Survivor" which was taking place in the Pearl Islands off the coast of Costa Rica. As soon as I said "Costa Rica" the fellow asking about the countries asked me to repeat the name and I crisply did so, making sure I said "Rica" and not "Rico." I told Salvador how beautiful the islands were and what a wonderful place they would be to visit. He seemed interested.

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