Dream of: 27 November 2003 (2) "Siren"

Carolina (who was only about 20 years old and seemed somewhat like Louise), several other people and I were in the living room of the Gallia County Farmhouse. It was dawn. Carolina and I had just returned from a long trip and were about to go to bed when I heard an alarm which seemed to be coming from outside, way over on the other side of the bridge in front of the Farmhouse, where the road makes a sharp corner turn and the trail into the National Forest begins. Someone in the room said there was no alarm over there, but I said there was. I seemed to recall that an alarm had been installed in that corner of the road. However, when I looked more closely at the corner, I saw a vehicle parked there among the trees. The vehicle began slowly moving, backing out of the trees. When it was out on the road, I could see someone pushing it. The vehicle looked bigger than a car, more like a big van. Someone else was also pushing another vehicle a smaller device which somewhat looked like an insulating machine.

The Farmhouse was sitting up so high on the hill, Carolina was able to pull up a board about 30 centimeters square off the floor in one corner of the room and look down toward the vehicles. I also took a peek through the hole. Now I could see that several women seemed to be pushing the two vehicles. I pointed out that they were dressed in garb like out of the mid 1800s with billowy skirts. The wind began to blow and caught a couple of their dresses and began blowing the women away down the road. The others ran after them and the wind caught up more. It looked serious. More people showed up to try to catch the blowing women. I decided I might ought to help. I walked out onto the porch. I was astonished by how many people were now on the road. Were all these people here because deer season was about to begin?

About a dozen of the people began rushing up the hill toward the front porch when they saw me, as if I were an important person whom they needed to see. All the while the siren continued to sound. A man reached me and handed me a handful of coins. I put them in my pocket except for a penny which fell into some brown plowed earth next to my feet. I thought of picking up the penny but decided not to do so in front of so many people.

Another man holding a microphone reached the porch. It looked as if he were a reporter and he seemed to have a cameraman with him.  The man with the microphone approached me. He seemed to want to interview me. I recognized him. I had met him before. He was probably about 30 years old. He said something to his camera man about my being a judge and he said I had been at a conference the previous day in a certain state. But he had the state wrong. I corrected him and told him I had been in California and not the state he had mentioned. But I didn't correct his statement about my being a judge. He seemed to be hesitating about whether he was going to interview me. I finally asked him why the siren was on. He replied, "Morons," indicating that someone had turned the siren on and couldn't get it off.

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