Dream of: 27 November 2003 "Stalled Elevator"

It was the day before Thanksgiving, almost 5:00 p.m. I was sitting in a car in a parking lot of a high-rise office building. Louise was sitting in the passenger seat and I was in the driver's seat. We worked in the building and had been working all day now I was ready to leave. I pointed out to Louise that only a few cars were left in the parking lot and even those were leaving. But she still didn't want to leave and finally she decided she needed to go back in the building to take care of some last business. I got out and went in with her.

We reached the lobby and waited for an elevator. When one came, I hesitated because something didn't seem quite right with the elevator but I got on anyway. When the elevator started up, I realized Louise wasn't with me. Oh well, she would take the next one. I looked at the buttons. I was headed for the 9th floor. But there was only an 8 and a 10 among the buttons not a 9. I decided I would simply go to 10 and walk down a floor. But before I could press the button, the elevator started tipping. It only tipped about 10 degrees but it was highly frightening because an elevator obviously couldn't tip. I was sure the elevator would begin plummeting and carry us down to our death (probably 10 people were on the elevator with me). But the elevator ground to a halt. What would happen to us now? Would anyone even know we were here? Different scenarios began passing though my mind. In one scenario I could see the elevator stopped about halfway on a floor with the door open so it was possible to crawl out. But if someone would try it, and the elevator began descending, the person could be chopped in half. I didn't think I would want to risk that. I would probably just wait until we were rescued and hope the elevator didn't crash in the meantime.

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