Dream of: 23 November 2003 "A Pig's A Pig"

I was riding in a car which my father was driving in the country. He was looking for a house where someone wanted to buy a carport. When he couldn't find the house, he pulled in among some parked cars parked near another house. We both got out of the car and walked to the back of the house. When I saw several pieces of farm machinery, I thought my father might be able to sell a carport there so the farm machinery could be parked under the carport.

We walked into a barn with stalls containing some huge pigs. They must have been a meter and a half long and were very fat. Five or six of the pigs were flesh-colored. One pig stuck its big head over the wooden bars and I told my father that it wanted to be petted, but he didn't pet it. Another pig was black and white. It seemed extremely friendly and I climbed in the stall and began petting it. Obviously it loved to be petted. I thought about how these poor pigs were raised for slaughter, yet they had feelings.

A fellow (about 20 years old) walked up. He looked like a farm boy. I asked him if he ever became attached to the pigs. He said no, "A pig's a pig."

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