Dream of: 04 November 2003 "Outcast"

Carolina dropped me off at the airport. In a good mood, I was going on a trip by myself and I would be away for at least a month. Crowds of people were thronging the airport. In one group of women (who looked more like teenagers, less than 20 years old) were some of my old high school classmates: Cathy Myers, Wendy, and Shelly. They walked past me and I didn't know whether they had seen me, but I thought Cathy had. When they walked outside, I kept looking at them through a glass door.

I thought about my internet web site where I posted my dreams and I figured Cathy had probably visited the site. I wondered what all of them thought about the site, especially Cathy, because Cathy's page had received so many hits. I figured they all stuck together and they had probably discussed the site. I was probably regarded by them as some kind of outcast or nut. Nevertheless, I would have liked to have talked to them.

Abruptly I heard someone say, "Steve Collier." I turned around and saw two fellows standing near me. I thought I had gone to high school with them, but I couldn't quite recognize them. We began talking and I asked them if some kind of "reunion" were in progress because so many old high school classmates were there. They weren't talkative, but they did ask me where I was going. I told them I was going to Europe and possibly on to Asia. They didn't seem in the least impressed.  I asked where they were going but they evaded the question.

I stepped into my line. Well-dressed and in good shape, I felt good about where I was going.

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