Dream of: 01 November 2003 "Needing A Map"

Two women (who were both my grandmothers) were in a small white car which I was driving (the car belonged to one of them). Some other women relatives, including Carolina, were also in the car.

Unsure exactly where I was, I asked for a map. I finally pulled off the road (so I could look at the map) down a little muddy lane (with a shack at the end) and I stopped the car. Everyone stepped out and one of my grandmothers hollered to the four or five people sitting on the porch of a shack and asked for water for the two small dogs in our car. A woman on the porch was willing to give us some water, but a man said we could get water at the library. I hollered to the people that we didn't want water.

I tried to hurry my grandmother back into the car and I was finally able to load her. After everyone was in the car, I also climbed in and began driving. As we banged over some bumps, I told my grandmother the car was getting a workout. I pulled back onto highway and drove until we reached Mexico City, Mexico.

After I had stopped and parked, we all walked into an elegant restaurant and ate. We had brought our own food with us, even our own big clear glasses. When we had finished, we had to pick up the glasses. I picked up ten (all different kinds), one for each finger (I had to pour some water out of the glasses into a container), as the waiter was cleaning the table.

When I was finished, I stepped out of the restaurant onto a residential street and discovered that the others had already left. Carolina, however, showed back up and together we looked at the front of the building. The facade appeared to be white stucco and the building was four or five stories tall. People lived in the building and Carolina knew of one man who lived here. She said it looked like the kind of place where somebody named "Antonio" lived. I was unsure whether he was a actor or politician, but he apparently was someone famous whom Carolina knew. She and I started walking. The car was still several blocks away.

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