Dream of: 30 October 2003 "Unctuous"

Carolina and I were in a hospital waiting room. I was planning a trip to Europe. Although I had two tickets, Carolina wasn't going to go with me. I had originally thought Buckner might accompany me, but he likewise wasn't going to be able to go. So I was trying to think of someone else to accompany with me.

Abruptly I saw Louise (probably in her early 20s) standing on another level higher at the top of some stairs. I stood up and walked up the stairs to her. When I reached her, I saw that she wasn't Louise, but another woman. She had a prominent forehead and had straight black hair tied in the back. I told the woman I had made a mistake; but then I looked at her more closely and asked her if her name were Louise. She said it was. I was amazed. She looked so different but apparently she actually was Louise.

I began telling her about my extra plane ticket and she seemed interested. I was still uncertain, however, about her identity and I asked her her last name. She replied, "Taft." Amazing. She wasn't Louise after all she simply had the same first name. I told her I was sorry I had made a mistake and I began walking away. She seemed disappointed and I had the definite feeling she would be willing to go to Europe with me anyway. But I really couldn't do that: I was still married to Carolina and I couldn't start up a new relationship with another woman. Regretfully I walked back down the stairs to Carolina.

I still had this other ticket and I still thought I had a means of finding someone to use the tickets. It was my understating that if I could find someone who knew the definition of the word "unctuous," that person would be eligible to use the ticket. I looked around the hospital waiting room, tying to spot someone. Maybe I could give a little hint about the meaning of the word, trying to point to something oily. I kept looking tying to find someone.

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