Dream of: 13 October 2003 "Brain Operation"

In a hospital in Portsmouth. A man who somewhat reminded me of John Roach was being operated on. I had earlier gone to a room where an operation was being performed on a frog. The frog had a hair up its ass. The doctors were discussing the length of the hair - five inches. I had been uncertain whether the hair had gone in through the ass or come down through the mouth, and what would happen to the frog after the operation; would the frog be sent to someplace that took care of frogs?

I concentrated on the operation of the man. His brain was being operated on. Two surgeons were in the room. I was right next to them, almost on the bed. One surgeon was preparing a space about ten centimeters long and about two centimeters wide on the skull. They were gong to cut out part of the skull and operate on the brain. 

I planned to watch but then the surgeon asked me if I were a relative. When I said I was only a friend, he told me that in that case I couldn't stay. I understood but I was disappointed. I walked out of the room and down the hall. 

Suddenly I realized I had a problem, I had come with the man in the room to the hospital; but he wasn't just a friend he was my father. Also when we had come he had turned in everything in his pockets including his keys to the car. I had no way out of here. Maybe I could go back and ask the doctors for the keys and explain that the man was my father. But I was sure they wouldn't give them to me without my father's authorization. What could I do? Maybe I could walk home. I thought we were at Scioto Memorial Hospital in Portsmouth. I could go through the woods and over the hill, an area I had never traversed before; it could be an adventure.

Up ahead was a door with a glass on it. I looked through the glass and was surprised to see Alcorn, his wife, and two children sitting inside. He looked at me and motioned me in. I entered. They were sitting in pews in a courtroom. Alcorn had some business to take care of here. A judge was on the bench. The judge called out a case and Alcorn went up to talk with him. Alcorn looked as if he were in his mid 40s. He was very friendly, smiling. I thought perhaps he could take me home. As soon as he finished with his business here, I would ask him for a lift.

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