Dream of: 12 October 2003 "Worms And Ticks"

It was early in the morning and I was in the House in Patriot. My mother (about 50 years old) was also in the House. Louise and another woman had spent the night in the House; they were visiting me. I liked both of them and I thought at least one of them would stay with me. Louise was sleeping in the small room where my uncle George used to sleep. I was waiting for her to get up. I was thinking of taking her to show her the four houses I now owned in Portsmouth. First I would pull up on 11th Street and point out to Louise the two houses I owned there. Then I would show her the house on Center Street and then the 29th Street House. I didn't know whether Louise would be impressed. I had enjoyed acquiring the houses, even though I didn't think my owning them was a particularly impressive accomplishment. But at least it was something tangible which I could point out to her. Nevertheless I still doubted Louise would stay with me, and as the morning progressed and she didn't emerge from the bedroom I began to suspect that she might have already left. Finally I walked into the bedroom and found the bed unmade; Louise wasn't in it. I picked up a small handwritten note from the bed and stuck it in my shirt pocket. I could almost divine what it would say, that Louise had decided not to stay with me and that she had gotten up early and left. I figured she would be polite about it.

I walked to a table in the living room and sat down at it. My father sat down across from me. We intended to eat breakfast. Suddenly I noticed some small worms on the table, about a centimeter long, dozens of them, little brown rippled-skin hard larvae. I was shocked. I looked at the blue blanket lying on the chair behind me. It also had the worms, as well as some tiny ticks, crawling all over it. I was aghast. Louise must have pulled the blanket out of storage and it had been covered with these worms and ticks. I could just imagine them crawling over her during the night. How disgusting! No wonder she had left. 

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