Dream of: 05 October 2003 "Search And Seizure"

While Carolina and I were in the upstairs middle room of the Gay Street House, I heard a noise emanating from downstairs. I walked down the back stairs to the kitchen, peeked into the living room, and was astonished to see two men with short black hair standing there. I tried to recognize them but couldn't. Both were neatly but casually dressed; they wore button-up shirts, but no jackets. As they began walking toward me, I told them to stop and to get out. When the kept advancing, I rushed back to the stairwell and hollered several times up to Carolina to call the police.

Finally I ran back up the stairs. I went through the upstairs rooms, found a knife and headed down the other set of stairs on the front side of the House. When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I encountered a different group of four or five men. One large man was dressed all in black. I brandished my knife and thought of stabbing one of the men, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Instead, I stepped out onto the front porch.

Several big dogs were in the yard on the Gay Street side. Obviously the men had brought the dogs with them. Two brown dogs were humping. Picasso was also among the dogs. Some oily brown feces was smeared on his butt. He appeared to be excited. I was worried about him.

I stepped back inside and backed up the stairs again to the middle upstairs room. In a flurry both my father and a policeman arrived. It soon became clear that the men downstairs were there pursuant to a court order in a case in which my father was involved. The men had been given permission to search the House for documents regarding the case. I was amazed. I had never heard of such a search warrant in a civil case. Would my father now be able to conduct the same kind of search of his opponents?

My father, the policeman and I walked back downstairs to the living room. About 10 chairs had been arranged around the perimeter of the room. The search continued as boxes of documents were carried into the room. At least one woman was now among the men conducting the search. My father seemed completely resigned. He simply sat down in a chair and watched the action.

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