Dream of: 30 September 2003 "Sleeping Late"

Although late in the morning, Carolina was still asleep in bed. I walked into the bedroom and saw her figure lying under a white cover on the bed. Other stuff was piled on the bed so I could hardly see her. She finally got up and I asked her about something she was supposed to have done. She hadn't done anything. And I couldn't find the pants I wanted to wear because she had misplaced them. I grabbed her by the throat and shook her just to get my point across.

We walked out of the room. We had just been staying here for the night. We were traveling around by car with my father and my-step mother who were waiting in a nearby hotel. When we walked outside, my father was waiting in a car. We got in. My step-mother wasn't in the car. My father was driving. Although Carolina and I were late, my father didn't seem upset. Probably about 60 years old, he seemed in good spirits. He said my step-mother had gone somewhere and would be back shortly. He started driving through a narrow street which became so narrow the car could barely squeeze through. I was at least relieved he wasn't upset because we were late.

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