Dream of: 15 September 2003 "Afraid Of Falling"

Carolina and I had been strolling through a shopping mall. She wandered off by herself for a while, while I entered a department store. Inside I discovered a curious platform, a square about three meters by three meters, which I climbed up on. No steps led to the platform and I had to pull myself up with my arms. Once I was on the platform I could see down on the crowded walkway of the mall (I was much higher than I had anticipated) and I looked for Carolina far below.

I was up so high, however, I was a bit afraid I might fall off (there were no railings), so I lay down on my stomach as I peered over the edge.

I was also a bit concerned that I might have trouble lowering myself back off the same way I had climbed on. Thus when a man stepped up below the platform at the spot where I had climbed on and offered to help me down, I accepted the offer, took his hand and let him help me down.

Once I was down and on my feet, I looked at the man more carefully. He was probably in his mid-thirties. He was obviously an employee of the store and probably involved with security. He proceeded to tell me that I had broken a law by climbing onto the platform and that I could be prosecuted. I replied that I hadn't seen any sign saying that climbing on the platform was prohibited, and that I didn't think I could be prosecuted unless a sign had been visible. I didn't mention that I was an attorney; but I thought I would probably need my legal skills to deal with this man, especially if he tried to have me arrested.

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