Dream of: 14 September 2003 "Going Back In Time"

As I had been strolling through a shopping mall, I had become aware that many flute players had gathered in a room in the mall. I also had a flute with me, but I didn't intend to join the other flute players I hardly ever played anymore and I didn't want to embarrass myself if I were called upon to demonstrate my abilities.

I sat down on a bench. I was wearing a long green army coat. I had the foot piece and the middle piece of my flute fitted together. I stuck them between my legs so that they were sticking straight up. I then began looking in the inside coat pockets for the head piece. Just as I had found the head piece in my left inside coat pocket, a black-haired woman with a flute in her hand stepped up in front of me. She was a tall slender woman, about 20 years old. Her flute was the more advanced type, with holes in the tops of the keys. I concluded that she was probably an excellent player.

Although some other fellows with flutes were sitting on the same bench on my right, the woman focused on me, and finally she asked me if I would like to play a duet with her. I abashedly declined and explained that I was a very poor flute player. I had recently begun practicing again, but I certainly wasn't ready to play a duet with someone. The woman seemed disappointed, but accepted my explanation. When I didn't encourage her to stay and talk, she reluctantly turned and walked away.

I wanted to leave. I quickly placed the two fitted pieces of my flute in my coat pocket with the head piece. I was a bit worried the pieces might knock together and be damaged; but if I were careful, I could probably avoid that happening.

I stood and walked through the mall, until I reached a long empty corridor which I traversed alone. Suddenly my little dog came running toward me. I had almost forgotten that I had left the dog in an empty room in the mall. He was small with curly white hair. He was excited to see me. Somehow he had gotten wet and a bit dirty. We walked on toward the room where I had originally left him.

When we reached the room and I opened the door, I found the same dog inside, and the one with me had disappeared. The little white dog in the room was exactly as I had left him, not even wet. He rolled unto his back and I rubbed his stomach. I immediately realized what had happened: I had gone back in time to a point before the dog had escaped from the room. What did that mean? Had the whole episode of the dog leaving the room, getting wet, and finding me simply been wiped out? This was a new experience for me. I didn't recall having ever gone back in time before.

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