Dream of: 13 September 2003 "Augsburg"

As Carolina and I were strolling through a verdant park, we encountered two life-sized statues of soldiers on horses. The statues were standing on the banks of a small pond, and the horses had been sculpted to depict their drinking from the pond as the weary soldiers rested in the saddles. I quickly realized the men on the statues were Robert E. Lee and one of his generals. Two more statues of soldiers could be seen farther off in the background.

Someone nearby said the statues belonged to the city of Augsburg, Germany and that Augsburg had shipped the statues here (we were in the United States) and lent them to this park. The statues would ultimately be returned to Augsburg. It seemed odd that Augsburg would have statues of figures from American history to share with Americans. What a wonderful place Augsburg must be. How I wished I could live in Augsburg and teach American history there. I almost felt like crying to think how satisfying that would be.

Carolina and I had been traveling together, visiting different places like this. After we had looked at the statues, she wanted to go somewhere by herself and in a flurry I arranged for her to take the car and for me to board a car with a woman who intended to drive down the road to meet her husband; I would meet with Carolina later.

I climbed into the front seat of the car with the woman and she began driving along a country road. We approached a crossing with a white gate across the road similar to one at a train crossing; the gate raised and we continued on.

The woman's driving was satisfactory, but still I didn't enjoy riding with someone like this; and I had accepted the ride in such a hurry, I was uncertain of the woman's destination. When I turned to her and asked where we were headed, she replied, "Augsburg."

That seemed strange. Was a town near here also named Augsburg? I pulled out a map and examined it. I wanted to go to another park somewhat similar to the one I had just left and I looked for the park on the map. The road we were traveling was marked in orange on the map. I thought this orange road would take us to the other park; however, the orange line just ended in the middle of nowhere. Thus I was unsure I was on the right road. The name of the road on the map was clearly "James Green."  I asked the woman if we were on James Green Road and she said we were. She said she would be going six more miles down the road. I didn't know if that would be far enough for me. I could only hope Carolina would be able to find me

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