Dream of: 13 September "Homeless"

Carolina and I were homeless. We still had enough money so we didn't actually have to live on the street; but we had decided to experiment with living without a home. Tonight would be our first night homeless.

We had found a building with one spacious room somewhat like an abandoned warehouse where we hoped to spend the night. Hay was piled at one end of the dusky room; we would stay there. We had already piled up several brown cardboard boxes of our belongings. Included in the pile was a loaded shotgun.

Before we could acclimate ourselves to our surroundings however, several police officers swarmed into the room. Obviously we weren't allowed to be here. The officers began rifling through the boxes, some of which contained toys. Not all the boxes belonged to me, and when one of the officers opened a box filed with toys, I told him it wasn't mine.

Another officer found a gun it looked like a machine gun. While the officers weren't looking, I quickly pulled out my two-barreled shotgun, extracted the two shotgun shells from it, and hid them in the hay. I also crammed the shotgun down in the hay, hoping they wouldn't find it. Then I walked over to the officers and told them the machine gun wasn't mine, that I knew nothing about it.

A black female officer began questioning me. She seemed to be the person in charge. I thought about how surprised she would be if she learned that I was actually an attorney and that I had a decent understanding of search-and-seizure law. But I didn't say anything to her. Instead I just allowed her to talk as the other officers continued searching.

When they had finished, the only thing they had found which concerned them was a small blue sponge. I had no idea why the sponge would be important; yet even the sponge didn't seem to present much of a problem and I was confident that no charges would be pressed against Carolina and me.

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