Dream of: 13 September "Bank Robber"

I was in the process of robbing a bank which I had already robbed several times. I arrived at the bank in a car driven by a fellow who was unaware that I intended to rob the bank. Another person who likewise didn't know about the bank robbery was also in the car's front seat. My mother sat in the back seat with me; she also didn't know I intended to rob the bank.

My mother and I stepped out of the car and entered the empty bank. I walked over to a wall covered with small metal boxes, like safety-deposit boxes. I adroitly opened one and extracted the money. As soon as I had the money in my hand, I heard a noise behind me, turned around, and saw a man and a woman walking out of an adjoining room, headed straight toward me. They were matter-of-factly talking to each other about what I was doing. I knew at once that I had been caught and that the penalty would be severe. My main concern now was my mother.

The woman stepped up to me. She was probably in her late thirties. She explained that she was a prosecuting attorney and that she was prepared to offer me a plea bargain of three years in prison. I was surprised that the offer was so low. I had anticipated that I if I were caught I might be sentenced to 20-30 years in prison.

My mother had begun crying she didn't seem to know what was going on. I tried to explain to the woman prosecutor that my mother had Alzheimer's disease and that she hadn't known anything about the bank robbery. I could also see the two people still sitting in the car outside waiting for me. I was worried that they might also be implicated in the robbery even though they had been completely innocent.

I turned back to the prosecutor. I told her I would agree to one year in prison. I knew I would also loose my bar license and would no longer be allowed to practice law. Nevertheless, I thought I could handle one year in prison and would accept the year if the prosecutor agree.

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