Dream of: 12 September 2003 "Change In The Will"

My father was telling me about a significant change he had made in his will. He explained that he had provided that my sister would receive one third of his estate and that I would receive one third. The change involved the remaining third. He asked me if I had already heard about this change and I told him I hadn't (apparently some other people were already aware of the change). He explained that he had provided that the remaining third would go to whomever was living with him at the time of his death.

I was delighted to hear of this provision. Since my father was living on the Gallia County Farm, and I intended to move to the Farm anyway, I was already planning to be living with him when he died. And I hadn't made my plans solely so I would receive an increased share of his estate I genuinely wanted to live with him on the Farm.

I could understand his reasoning in setting up this provision: he wanted to be sure he wouldn't be abandoned during the last years of his life. And I felt sure my sister and my brother-in-law wouldn't want to live with my father on the Farm. Clearly I should be the one who would inherit the extra third of the Farm and the rest of the estate.

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