Dream of: 01 September 2003 "Cracked Owl"

The room was dark and cluttered my possessions were stacked on shelves and tables. Carolina and my mother were in the background, moving here and there. My attention was focused on the object in my hand, a plaster statue of a colorfully-painted owl which stood about a half meter tall.

I set the owl on the table in front of me and minutely examine it the base was cracked. I was sorry to see it. I was fond of the owl it was somewhat valuable. I could probably repair it; of course its value would be lessened considerably by the crack, but if I did an adequate job, the owl should still be presentable. I fetched a bottle of white viscous glue and began applying it to the base. I showed my mother how I needed to be careful to only glue together parts which were broken (the base was quite intricate and seemed to even have hinges on it; I had to be careful not to glue any parts which were supposed to move).

I was in a bit of a hurry and only intended to complete part of the job now. In as short while my mother, Carolina and I were going to go on a trip with my father. He had earlier appeared at the front door and invited us to accompany him to northern Ohio, near the Great Lakes. Normally I wasn't enthusiastic about accompanying him on such trips; but today I had been in the mood and I was expectantly looking forward to the trip.

When I had finished with the owl, I turned my attention to a new stereo system which I had recently purchased. I had already taken the black stereo receiver out of the brown cardboard box. Now, however, I decided to put the receiver back in the box and actually glue the receiver to the inside of the box. I brushed some of the white glue along one edge of the bottom of the receiver and then began fitting the receiver back into the box. I even set the receiver on some metal pins which had been in the box to hold the receiver in place. Only when I had finished did I begin to question the wisdom of what I had done. I still had to stick the speakers in the box maybe everything wouldn't work well in the box. I had originally thought that having the stereo in the box would allow me to handle it more easily; but now I began to doubt.

I was in a hurry. I still needed to do something outside before we left. I went to the front door and stepped outside. I was on Second Street in Portsmouth, close to Market Street. This was where I lived, in this building which abutted the sidewalk. I stepped onto the sidewalk and began walking east on Second Street, in the area where so many antique stores had been set up. I had always liked this section of Portsmouth, which had been the downtown area in the early 1900s and which had decayed over the century.

I stopped in front of the old Washington Hotel, that once resplendent building which had been left to deteriorate. I was surprised to find that the front of the building had been opened up, like a garage door, so I could see inside. I stood staring. There was the lobby and beyond that must be the ballroom. Many old wooden rocking chairs where cluttered in the lobby as well as numerous other hard-backed chairs. I hadn't seen the interior of this building in many years.

But I needed to hurry, my father and the others would be waiting. I turned and headed back toward my place.

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