Dream of: 29 August 2003 "How The West Was Won"

A woman who had frenetically led me through the streets of Portsmouth stopped abruptly in front of a white house on Charles Street. We walked inside the house and stood at the top of a stairs leading to the basement. The woman called down and a voice from below answered. Sensing that I recognized the voice, I tentatively blurted, "Hurley?"

The voice from below immediately responded, "Steve Collier?"

It was Hurley! And he had recognized my voice after all these years. I expectantly hurried down the stairs, turned a corner at the bottom of the stairs, and found Hurley lying in a bed in front of me, propped up on his elbows. Sitting beside him, with stringy black hair, was a woman (probably in her mid 20s) wearing only a pair of panties, displaying her small flaccid breasts.

Hurley's appearance was startling: he only looked about 30 years old. Shirtless, he displayed a muscular torso and arms. And his face looked completely different: handsome and chiseled. His long black hair (utterly different from the short reddish-brown hair I remembered) completed the ensemble.

He seemed happy to see me a white-toothed smile greeted me. I chortled that I had just tried to call him the night before how surprised I was to actually see him now in the flesh, especially with a woman by his side (he had never been successful with women when I had known him). Thus my surprise was substantially augmented when I noticed a movement on his other side and yet a second woman emerged from the covers. I blurted, "He's got another one!"

The second woman also with black hair was younger and prettier than the first. Her breasts also visible were also small, but well-formed and firm. I was impressed.

Hurley seemed unconcerned that I had caught him with the two women this seemed to be his natural environment.

I wanted to give him a chance to get up and dress; I stepped over to the side and glanced at a book case crammed with thick volumes. Most of the books seemed to be part of multi-volume sets. One volume was entitled How the West Was Won. How strange that Hurley would be reading about the west, here in Portsmouth. I had lived in the west for so long, maybe we could talk about it. Apparently he read extensively to have so many books.

What would we talk about? I could ask him about this apartment, how much he paid for rent. But that wouldn't be polite. I had a good idea of the price of rent without asking anyway.

Maybe we could discuss his living in the same area of town where he had resided when we had attended high school. What had brought him back to this same section of town? I could mention that I had also unexplainably found myself drawn to the area of the Gay Street House and was thinking of living in that area. Of course I was also drawn to the area around the 29th Street House. What pulled us back to the areas of our youth?

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