Dream of: 28 August 2003 "Foaling"

In front of me stood a cow which I was supposed to try to wrestle to the ground. I grabbed the cow and in short order had toppled it. A second cow was led up, pure black, a little smaller than the first. Again I tackled the animal and the struggled began. This cow, however, was more difficult; it didn't give in easily and was fighting back. Nevertheless, I managed to force the animal down to its knees.

The fight finished, I turned back to Carolina who was standing behind me. Other people were also standing around, observing the contest. The place looked like a small rodeo arena. Carolina and I had been traveling and had simply stopped to see the place and then I had decided to wrestle.

At Carolina's side, I glanced back at the black cow. It seemed to have taken a menacing stance, staring straight at Carolina and me. Was it going to charge? I pulled Carolina into a small closet-like room and pulled the sliding door shut, just living a small crack so I could look out at the cow, which was still not moving. Now the cow had bent down on its front legs, bending them back under her the position looked uncomfortable. She looked sick, obviously no longer a threat. I called out to the man who was in charge of the show, who was standing over to the side, to look at his cow. He said she might be "foaling." I took that to mean that she might be giving birth. I blurted that she certainly should not be out here fighting if she were giving birth. I felt a bit guilty about having fought with her.

Carolina and I stepped out of the closet and walked up closer to the cow. She was definitely having a calf. Something like a white sack was coming out of the cow and then the head of the calf. Carolina seemed fascinated. We both watched the calf emerge completely and lay on the ground. It was breathing. Everything seemed in order to me; I petted the cow a bit and was ready to go.

Carolina, however, had started cleaning the calf, whose black and white coat was covered with gobs of blood. She was raking the thick goo off with her fingers, pulling off bloody clots and throwing them to the side. A white semi-transparent membrane covered the bottom half of the calf; Carolina likewise pulled off the membrane. I told her this was all unnecessary, that we needed to leave.

I fretted that our train was about to pull out for we had arrived by train. The closet in which we had been standing was actually a boxcar on a train. I managed to coax Carolina back into the box car. We were ready now to continue our trip.

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