Dream of: 27 August 2003 "Junior High School"

I had spent the night in the Twenty-Ninth Street House, sleeping in the back bedroom on the ground floor. It was now morning and I was still lying in bed, contemplating what I would do today. I recalled that Weinstein had also spent the night there, sleeping in the front bedroom. I imagined he had already gotten up and left, because he had to go to school he had started attending classes at Grant Junior High School. I had often wondered what returning to school would be like I hadn't even been sure it would be possible. But Weinstein had done so so apparently it was possible. I might even do so myself. I even had some images of being in the classroom.

I could see out into the hallway between the back bedroom and the front bedroom. I was surprised when Weinstein dashed out of the front bedroom holding his clothes in his arms and ducked into the bathroom. It was already 8:30 obviously he was going to be late to class.

I could hear my mother and some other women talking in the living room. I finally stood up; I was only wearing a tee shirt which fell down past my groin, covering me. I walked into the kitchen, pulled out the coffee pot, and started getting ready to make coffee. I could feel the women watching me. Nevertheless, I simply went about my business, still trying to decide what I would do today.

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