Dream of: 23 August 2003 "Working For The Prosecutor"

Although it was already late in the morning, I was still lying in bed in one of the spacious upstairs bedrooms of the Gay Street House, when my sister and one of her girlfriends walked into the room. Both were probably only about 14 years old the friend had black hair and was quite fetching. I lasciviously contemplated standing up naked from the bed in front of them. Before I could act, however, they left the room and disappeared.

I needed to get up anyway. It was already after 12:00 and at 1:00 I was supposed to catch a bus to the Gallia County Farm, where I was helping take care of my grandmother Mabel, who was ill.

I stood up, dressed and walked down the back stairs to the kitchen, where my father and my mother were seated at the kitchen table. In the room next to the kitchen a classroom had been set up and perhaps 30 men were seated in little desks listening to a woman give a lecture at the front of the room. All the men were lawyers they worked for the county prosecutor.

I also had agreed to undertake some work for the county prosecutor, even though I wasn't an employee of the prosecutor I was working on a free-lance basis. Thus I could benefit by sitting in on the class; and my father obviously thought I should attend he made his feeling known to me. So even though I was in a hurry I stepped into the room and sat down at one of the desks.

I was glad my hair was so short I'd just had it cut the previous day; everyone else in the room had short hair. Some of the faces seemed familiar to me, although I hadn't seen them in so long, I couldn't be sure who they were. Obviously, however, this was a conservative bunch of lawyers dedicated to their job.

I appreciated the challenge of the work, and I paid attention to what the woman at the front of the room was saying. She sometimes scribbled white chalk on the black board as she lectured. I could definitely learn something here.

However, my grandmother was waiting and she needed me. I couldn't miss my bus time was running out. I stood and headed to the door; I still had time to catch the bus if I hurried.

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