Dream of: 21 August 2003 "Man In The Funnel Cloud"

beauty is bequeathed

to those in control of their

chaotic passions

Twenty-five to thirty people were variously seated in the middle of a residential street, waiting to be given a lesson by a man standing in the middle of them. I likewise took a seat on the ground, crossed my legs in a lotus position, and straightened my back, hoping my erect stature would enhance my figure.

I looked at the man, but I could not clearly see his face. He was enveloped by a ring of dust, like a small circular funnel cloud. Who was he? Maybe 40 years old, his features were barely visible.

One person sitting on the ground was suddenly blown rolling down the street. Apparently he had not been sitting properly. Another person a woman holding a long-stemmed, red rose in her hand walked up to the man in the funnel cloud and held the rose out to him. The gesture seemed appreciated. The funnel cloud began moving down the street in the direction of the man who had been blown away. The rest of the assemblage began following. I also stood and fell in step, somewhat mesmerized by what I was witnessing.

06 March 2017

La desire sexual mesmerize.

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