Dream of: 15 August 2003 "Restraining Order"

I was rummaging around the kitchen of the House in Patriot, fixing something to eat. My father was in the adjoining living room with a man and woman whom he had brought to meet me. He thought I might be able to represent them as their attorney their house was being foreclosed on and he thought I might be able to help them.

I absent-mindedly thought about how I might assist them. I had represented hundreds of people in similar circumstances people losing their homes.  I had stopped those foreclosures by filing bankruptcies. But that had been years ago; I had no desire to begin practicing bankruptcy law again.

Nevertheless, I had lately been thinking of returning to the practice of law. Maybe now would be an opportune time to begin again. I wouldn't necessarily have to file a bankruptcy to stop a foreclosure I could seek a temporary restraining order. I had never sought such an order filing bankruptcy had proven to be so much quicker and more efficient. Yet, seeking a restraining order seemed intriguing. I would have to prepare all the necessary papers and approach the appropriate judge. If I learned how to obtain the orders, I might represent more people.

If I were going to practice law again, I would like to do so in the area of Brownsville, Texas, on the border with Mexico. I could represent people in a multi-county area. Every month I could send out letters to people who were being foreclosed on and offer to represent them.

A mirror was hanging on the wall of the kitchen. I glanced at myself. I was disheveled and wearing an old red and black checkered shirt. I would certainly have to straighten up a bit if I were going to practice law again.

The man and woman had sat patiently, not saying a word. They were probably not impressed with my looks, but I knew if I started talking to them they would quickly see I knew what I was talking about. But I still hadn't decided whether I wanted to represent them.

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